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Strategic Direction Statement

As part of our commitment to update our Business Plan, in 2021 we conducted market research with our customers to understand their priorities to help inform our business planning. This research was conducted by an independent research consultancy and consisted of a series of focus groups with customers, followed by an online survey.

The results of this work, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, helped us to understand what was important to customers, which we then used to inform decision making in the selection and prioritisation of our projects and capital programme as a key part of business planning. Thank you to everyone who took part in the research for your valuable feedback and input.  Business Plan key themes

Three key themes and seven top priorities were identified through the process and further customer engagement and research will be sought moving forward as future plans are developed.

Guernsey Water is grateful to all who took part in this period of customer research, if you are interested in signing up to provide feedback and input in future, you can do so here: Have Your Say - Guernsey Water

To learn more about Guernsey Water's upcoming plans, you can read our Strategic Direction Statement.

The Top 7 customer priorities: 

  • Safeguarding tap water quality
  • Supplying drinking water that looks, smells and tastes good
  • Operating a business and service that are efficient and cost effective
  • Delivering an effective service
  • Protecting the environment from wastewater pollution
  • Minimising environmental impact with regard to waste, energy and carbon
  • Limiting the effects of pollution caused by Guernsey Water's operations 




Responsibility to our customers and the environment

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