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News Centre > Friday 10 September 2021

Guernsey Water issues safety reminder: swimming at the St Saviour's Reservoir is prohibited

St Saviours Reservoir

Guernsey Water would like to remind all visitors to the St Saviour's Reservoir that swimming is strictly prohibited.

Adrian Bailey, Health and Safety Manager said, 'Following a few reports of people trying to swim in the Reservoir, we wanted to issue a reminder that this activity is not allowed for safety reasons. Whilst the Millennium Walk surrounding the reservoir is a beautiful location, which we would like all Islanders and visitors to enjoy, the only activity permitted on the water itself, by permit, is fishing. The reservoir is an operational site that presents a significant number of health and safety concerns for swimmers. We kindly ask that all visitors ensure that they stay on the paths as requested and refrain from getting too close to the water for their own safety.

Current signage clearly states visitors should stick to the paths of the walk but additional signs to reiterate the no swimming rule are in the process of being installed.'

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