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Guernsey Water understands that a leak on water pipes at your property can be a stressful and costly experience.  Whilst Guernsey Water does not carry out work on private pipework, and cannot recommend any particular individual / company to carry out the repairs, there are ways we can help.


The ways in which we can help are, but not limited to:

  • Checking our records for information / layout of pipework
  • Advising as to the rate of leakage
  • Turning on / off the supply at the controlling chamber
  • Providing previous billing data (usage etc)

What to do if you have a leak

If you know that you have a leak on your property your key aim is to get the leak fixed as soon as possible. A leak can cause damage to your property structurally and the longer it is allowed to run the more it may increase your financially liability. Guernsey Water recommends that a qualified plumber is employed to make the necessary repairs to fix the leak however we understand that customers may feel they are competent enough to fix the leak themselves. Customers should be aware that any repairs they do themselves may invalidate their home / contents insurance should they fail and cause further damage.

Guernsey Water should be informed that you have a leak and are arranging to have it fixed. We would also recommend that you notify your household insurance.

If you feel the leak is not your responsibility please call Guernsey Water to discuss the issue. Please note that all pipework on private property is the responsibility of the account holder.

Please also note that Guernsey Water takes the loss of water very seriously. In extreme circumstances, if a leak is not fixed in a timely manner and Guernsey Water perceives that no action is being taken to repair it, we have the authority to turn off the water supply.

What to do when you have fixed the leak

When you have fixed the leak please contact us if you would like us to take a meter reading to calculate how much water has been  used and also to check that the meter is static. If the leak is fixed within 30 days of the issue of a quarterly invoice Guernsey Water can re-issue the invoice based on the new reading so that matters regarding payment are dealt with on the one invoice. 

Payment and Guernsey Water's Leak Allowance Policy

Guernsey Water does have a leak allowance policy and customers can apply for an allowance as long as the following criteria are met:

  •  The leak was underground and undetected
  •  You have not had a leak allowance before at the property

It should also be noted that:

  • An allowance can  only be considered  once the leak has been fixed
  • Customers will only be allowed to apply for a leak allowance going back two quarters before  their current bill
  • The repair must have been carried out within 30 calendar days of you becoming aware of  the  issue

Should you decide not to apply for a leak allowance, or do not qualify for one, you can:

  • Contact your insurance as to whether you can claim through your household insurance policy
  • Apply for a wastewater only allowance. Guernsey Water will deduct the excess wastewater usage as long as the water from the leak did not go into the drainage system
  • Arrange a payment plan with Guernsey Water which will allow you to pay off the invoice over a set period of time.

As stated above Guernsey Water allows one leak allowance per lifetime enjoyment of a property therefore you need to consider whether your current leak is large enough for you to take advantage of the allowance.

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