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Water Recycling

Rainwater harvesting (the collection and re-use of rainwater) and grey water recycling (the re-use of water from laundry, bathroom use, kitchen use etc.) can be efficient ways of reducing waste water from a property and reducing flooding downstream.

Soapy Water

A water butt can be positioned outside to catch run-off from the roof of a property, this harvested water can be used for watering your garden, potentially saving lots of water. They are available from DIY and garden centres. Alternatively, you could simply use a clean dustbin or another watertight storage unit to collect the water.

As rainwater and grey water both contain many impurities which are potentially hazardous to our health, anybody wishing to install any plumbing system that is intended to recycle water for internal use, must contact Guernsey Water before they do so.

To learn more or get some advice on water recycling, please contact Guernsey Water by calling 01481 229500 or emailing


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