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News Centre > Wednesday 18 April 2018

Progress to bring Juas Water Treatment Works online going well


Guernsey Water's refurbishment of Juas water treatment works (WTW) is progressing well and the facility is expected to be up and running by the autumn.

Last summer, following a comprehensive review of the island's existing and future provisions, Guernsey Water announced it would be closing Longue Hougue WTW and in its place bringing Juas WTW online.  The new water treatment strategy aims to save Guernsey Water customers £10 million over the next 25 years and will significantly improve operational efficiency and provide a more reliable, better quality drinking water supply.

Since the work began at Juas the majority of equipment has been installed and although slightly behind the original schedule, commissioning of the newly refurbished WTW is expected to take place around October.   

Mark Walker, capital delivery manager at Guernsey Water said:  "The project has involved refurbishment of all sections throughout the site.

"Water treatment at Juas works on a three stage process: clarification, filtration and disinfection with further additional processes such as chemical dosing, washwater recovery and pumping into the distribution network adding to the essential components that will ensure the water produced is wholesome, safe and good to drink.

"Most of the equipment has been installed with the final major outstanding element, the motor control centre (MCC) panels, currently being built off site in the UK.  These should be ready for installation in a couple of months' time."

The MCC panels provide power to the plant as well as controlling and coordinating the equipment and are therefore the final critical part of the process.

"I am really pleased with the progress we have made.  While complications are expected on projects of this size and complexity, we have had very few, and those we've had have been fairly minor.

"Bringing Juas WTW online will improve drinking water quality through the use of ultra violet disinfection and it will give us the option of carbon dosing, to deal with any seasonal taste issues. Both are tried and tested water treatment techniques," said Mr Walker.

Guernsey Water has produced an interactive infographic which outlines the key stages of the project and the progress that has been made to date.  Click here to view:

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