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News Centre > Monday 07 February 2022

Guernsey Water provides Islanders with tips to make properties 'winter ready'

Are you winter ready?

Guernsey Water is reminding Islanders to ensure properties are winter ready as pipework becomes more susceptible to leaks and bursts during cold weather.

Jon Holt, Guernsey Water's Operations Manager, said: "Following our simple winter care tips can help to significantly reduce the risk of leaks and bursts inside your homes and businesses, guarding not only against a loss of water but also the water damage that can occur as a result."

The utility advised that its Distribution team works throughout the year improving and maintaining the Island's water network, as well as undertaking the repair of mains bursts and leaks which generally increase at this time of year as a result of fluctuating temperatures, increased rainfall and resulting natural ground movement.

"Ensuring customers are kept best informed on how to guard against leaks and bursts in their own homes can also help reduce pressure on our team who can be called upon to shut off water from the road should property stopcocks fail" said Mr Holt.

As part of the initiative Guernsey Water has engaged with a number of local hardware and plumbing supply stores who will be displaying winter care tips in their businesses. Anyone wishing to take part and display a poster is asked to email:

Guernsey Water's top tips:

Insulate exposed pipework

Ensure that all pipework is lagged, particularly in outside spaces, lofts, and outbuildings to guard against bursts in freezing temperatures. Pipe lagging can be found at most local hardware stores

Locate and check your internal stopcock

To test the stopcock works, turn it off and check whether this stops the water from your cold taps. Knowing the location of internal stopcocks and checking they're working means you can shut off water quickly in the event of a leak or burst

Turn water off in vacant properties

As a precaution it is always worth turning off internal stopcocks in empty properties, whether they are empty for a holiday or a longer period, to avoid damage and loss of water in the event of a leak or burst


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