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News Centre > Wednesday 14 December 2022

Lt-Governor learns about Guernsey's water and wastewater business

Lt-Governor's visit

Having served in the Royal Engineers, the work of Guernsey Water's engineering team was of particular interest to Lieutenant-Governor Lt General Richard Cripwell during his recent visit to the utility.

As part of a series of local business inductions, His Excellency and his wife Louise visited Guernsey Water to hear about its vital role in maintaining the island's drinking water and wastewater systems.

They met the teams at Brickfield House headquarters and saw for themselves the sophisticated operational centre where technicians monitor and control Guernsey Water's processes and networks around the clock, 365 days a year.

They were able to go inside a mobile CCTV survey van, which is kitted out with a remote-control sewer survey robot. The robot uses a camera to assess the condition of the many miles of underground sewers in Guernsey.

They also learnt how water meters were helping customers to save money on their bills by enabling them to use water wisely. This is also helping to reduce the demand for water at a time when the island's reservoirs are lower than normal for this time of year.

The last stop was Kings Mills Water Treatment Works, where they discussed the importance of water quality from source to sea, and how protecting this begins in the catchment areas for the island's streams.

Stephen Langlois, managing director of Guernsey Water said: "We were able to explain how effective catchment protection avoids the need for expensive, carbon intensive treatment processes in Guernsey, and still enables us to achieve very high drinking water standards."

Another area of particular interest to His Excellency was the ongoing refurbishment of St Saviour's Water Treatment Works. 

Mr Langlois said: "Having previously been involved in the resurfacing of an operational runway, he could understand the complexity of carrying out major upgrades while at the same time maintaining a fully operational site. 

"They also appreciated the need for continuous investment in our infrastructure, and the importance of having accurate asset records to ensure investment like the refurbishment of St Saviour's Water Treatment Works is planned and efficient."

The Lieutenant-Governor said: "I was interested to see how the island had managed to avoid water restrictions this summer when so many other places were forced to impose them. Guernsey Water is engaged in some really innovative and thoughtful work and the balance of traditional and modern thinking is really impressive.

His Excellency added: "I particularly enjoyed meeting such a dedicated and positive workforce."

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