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Service Charges

Please see below the details of our service charges for 2023.

Water: Supply mains & service informationNo cost
Water: Supply mains & service information requiring a site visit£191.59
GPS & Surveys£287.40
Foul/Surface water: Supply connection & discharge informationNo cost
Foul/Surface water: Supply connection & discharge information requiring a site visit£191.60
Cesspit information (whether a property has a cesspit or not, and current emptying history)No cost
Resolving meter mix-ups (in the event that the property naming/numbering is altered post-connection without written notification to Guernsey Water)At hourly rate*
Water reconnection during working hours1£50.00
Water reconnection outside of working hours1£100.00
Flow & pressure test£49.00
High usage investigations/loss of water< 30 minutes: No cost
> 30 minutes: £73.50
Advice on drainage & surface water issues & designsAt hourly rate2
Producing previous invoices

< 12 months-worth: No cost

> 12 months-worth: £35.88

* £49.00 per hour

1 8:30am - 4:30pm

2 Minimum charge of £98.00

Please note that all requests for the above services must be made either in writing to Guernsey Water, or by email to


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