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News Centre > Thursday 19 January 2023

Water reserves fully recharged

Dam spilling

Following a wet start to the year, Guernsey Water has confirmed that water reserves are now 100% full.

Despite a dry spring and summer during 2022, and reserves being 19% lower than normal at the start of November, the island's 14 reservoirs are all now at full capacity.

Jon Holt, operations manager at Guernsey Water, said: "After November and December were wetter than normal, we have had 61% more than the average rainfall so far this year. During this time streams that had dried up have been restored to full flow. Our teams have been working hard to collect as much of this water as possible. This enabled us to rapidly recharge our reservoirs over the last two months. There is now nowhere else to store the rain we are having, everything is full.

With so much rain falling yesterday, our teams were again working hard for different reasons; to ensure that our drainage network and pumping stations were operating at full capacity, protecting customers from flooding and to respond to an increase in calls for cesspit collections".

Steve Langlois, managing director at Guernsey Water said: "We had a good response to our calls for islanders to use water wisely last year, and I would like to thank everyone that saved water for playing their part in helping us to manage our reserves. The reductions we have seen have really helped and are an important part of drought management".

Although reserves are now full, Guernsey Water continues to advise customers to remain conscious of their water use. This can reduce household water and energy bills and helps protect the environment.

Responsibility to our customers and the environment

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