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News Centre > Tuesday 20 December 2022

Guernsey Water's "Draindeer" helps fight for the safe disposal of cooking fats


A "Draindeer" has been recruited to Guernsey Water's wastewater family to help remind islanders about the correct disposal of cooking fats this Christmas.

Guernsey Water is reminding islanders that cooking oils, fats or grease should be disposed of appropriately in food caddy bins and not down the drain to avoid blockages to Guernsey's wastewater network and homes.

The festive fat fighting "Draindeer", which joins the utility's "Fiona Fatberg" and "Warren Wetwipe", is an animated creature made up of household plumbing components in the form of a reindeer and features in a short animation running across Guernsey Water's social media platforms over the festive period.

Jon Holt, Guernsey Water's Operations Manager, said: "It's essential that we remind islanders of the correct ways of disposing of cooking by-products, which increase significantly over the Christmas period.

"Disposing of oils down the sink may appear to be a quick fix, but the long-term implications of blocked drains and foul water flooding are far more costly and time consuming for everyone. The aftermath of incorrectly disposing of fatty waste items is an issue that no one wants - especially over the festive season."

Guidance on how to dispose of fats and oils are available on Guernsey Water's website and below.

The "Draindeer's" guide to disposing of fats and oils.

Oil in small quantities: Wipe out pans with a small amount of kitchen paper and place in your black food waste caddy; a small amount of food contaminated kitchen paper is acceptable in your caddy.

Roasting juices: Carefully pour these into a cup or pot, once solidified and cool, remove them from the pot or cup and place in your black food waste caddy.

Other fats: This includes items such as butter, goose, or duck fat but no liquid oils or fats. Once cooled and solidified these should be placed in your black food waste caddy.

Large quantities of vegetable oil, such as those from deep fat fryers, should be cooled and taken to the Longue Hougue Household Waste and Recycling Centre. For commercial quantities please contact Waste Oil Recycling on 01481 241133 to arrange collection for a small charge.


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