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News Centre > Wednesday 07 December 2022

Excellent drinking water standards during 2021

Water test

Guernsey Water achieved 100% compliance with drinking water standards last year, as highlighted in their recently released 2021 water quality report.

The report states that a total of 4,416 million litres of drinking water was provided to Islanders last year, the equivalent to over 4 times the volume of St Saviour's reservoir.

Margaret McGuinness, water quality risk manager at Guernsey Water, said: "Drinking water is vital for public health, so we always strive to attain the highest levels of quality.

"Our staff cover all aspects of the science and engineering of the public water supply, the achievement of such a high figure is thanks to their collective expertise."

A total of 7,023 analyses were taken from Guernsey Water's 3 operational water treatment works, 3 service reservoirs, water tower and 1 water supply zone alone, all meeting the national and European Union Standards for drinking water quality.

The utility also monitors raw (untreated) water sources for pollutants. Mrs McGuinness continued: "We monitor each raw water source and choose which ones to collect based on their quality. We then blend water from different sources in our reservoirs, which are also closely monitored. Quality assurance steps like these are taken at each stage from source to tap, which enables us to achieve such high standards of drinking water compliance."

The full 2021 report can be found here: Water Quality

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