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News Centre > Monday 17 May 2021

Guernsey Water joins Water Saving Week

Water saving

Guernsey Water is once again supporting a national week-long campaign aimed at raising awareness of the issues around water usage and providing simple tips for consumers to save water.

The utility is supporting Water Saving Week, which is run by Waterwise, the UK's not-for-profit NGO, and this year the initiative runs from Monday 17 to Saturday 22 May.

The campaign is designed to remind everyone to use water wisely and protect it as a precious and finite resource for future generations. Climate change, and extreme weather that comes with it, means that water supply is becoming more unpredictable than in previous years.

Margaret McGuinness, Water Quality Risk Manager at Guernsey Water, said: "Whilst April was particularly dry, we experienced a very wet winter so our reservoirs are close to being full. Nevertheless, we would encourage Islanders as always to reduce their water usage and ideas, such as collecting rain water and showering rather than bathing, to minimise water wasted. Water Saving Week helps us create awareness and understanding locally.

"Through sharing ideas, solutions and related challenges, our aim is to connect with how being water efficient can help communities and wildlife to thrive, reduce our carbon footprint, help us to keep our Island beautiful and at the same time, save ourselves money."

Mrs McGuinness continued: "By taking some simple steps at home to minimise extra water usage, this will help reduce water bills. A leaky toilet for example wastes around 400 litres of clean water a day - the equivalent of two extra people living in your house - therefore it makes sense for customers to minimise wasted water to reduce the cost of water in their homes."

If you want to get to grips with water consumption in your home, try some of these tips below. It all adds up.

• Looking for leaky showers or toilets around the home
• Washing cars efficiently by using a bucket and sponge as opposed to a garden hose
• Take shorter showers
• Not leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth
• Leaving grass a third longer than a usual short cut as this helps trap moisture in the top soil therefore minimising how much water is needed - this also supports 'no mow May'
• Using a watering can instead of a hose. If you have a hose then use one with a trigger nozzle
• A water butt can store rainwater collected from your roof to be used in the garden.

For details of the campaign please visit or Guernsey Water's water saving pages

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