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Water Charges

Unmeasured (Unmetered) Water Supplies

Unmeasured clean water charges are calculated using the Tax on Real Property (TRP) value of a domestic building (land, outbuildings and greenhouses are excluded from Guernsey Water's calculations).

The quarterly standing charge for unmeasured supplies has increased to £28.70 (£27.89).

The quarterly unit charge for TRP has increased to £0.56 (£0.54).

Measured (Metered) Water Supplies

Meter SizeQuarterly ChargeCharge Per Cubic Metre
15mm (1/2") (standard domestic size)£28.70 (£27.89)£2.01 (£1.95)
20mm (3/4")£42.80 (£41.59)£2.01 (£1.95)
25mm (1")£47.41 (£46.07)£2.01 (£1.95)
40mm (11/2")£53.35 (£51.85)£2.01 (£1.95)
50mm (2")£56.44 (£54.85)£2.01 (£1.95)
75mm (3")£59.30 (£57.63)£2.01 (£1.95)
100mm (4")£65.21 (£63.37)£2.01 (£1.95)

Wastewater Charges

Standing Charge

The standing charge covers the fixed costs inherent to maintaining the wastewater network e.g. asset monitoring, staffing. The standing charge for wastewater is £36.24 (£35.20) per annum for every household/business, or £9.06 (£8.80) per quarter.

Variable Charge

The variable charge covers the costs directly related to the amount of flow generated by each property's individual discharge e.g. sewer lining, pumping station repairs. Metered customers will be charged on 90% of the water that comes in through the meter (as it is estimated that 90% of water goes to waste), at a rate of £0.70 (£0.68) per cubic metre.

Unmetered customers will be charged £0.20 (£0.19) for every unit of their property's TRP per quarter.

You can learn more about the Wastewater charge and download the charges as a PDF by following the links below

Cesspit Emptying Rates

Subsidised single load rate: £7.32 (£6.73). Subsidised double load rate: £14.64 (£13.46)

Standard single load rate: £18.40 (£16.79). Standard double load rate: £36..80 (£33.58)

Please note that cesspit emptying income is collected by States Works and can be paid by calling Edward T Wheadon House on 01481 717315

pdf icon Download The Water Charges PDF Here [136kb]

 Wastewater Charge Information


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