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The Millennium Walk

The Millennium Walk around St Saviour's Reservoir was opened in 2001. The 3km long nature trail was created by Guernsey Water, in consultation with environmental groups and other users, to enable the public to enjoy the environment and wildlife that surround the reservoir.

Environment Guernsey (a company set up by La Societe Guernesiaise) is employed to help look after the Millennium Walk. An information leaflet on the walk can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the button below.

 pdf icon Millennium Walk Leaflet [3Mb]

What to look out for

Dam Wall View From The Dam Wall

This view gives you an idea of the scale of the reservoir and its three 'arms', which in total hold 1,091ML (Megalitres - about 25% of the Island's total stored water). You can also see the two dominant woodland types (Coniferous and Broadleaf) that frame the reservoir. If you turn around you can look down on the St Saviours Water Treatment Works, and you can also see out past Le Mont Saint to the west coast (as shown in the picture).


Les Padins Bridge & Stream Les Padins Bridge

There is a bridge here to cross Les Padins stream. This stream brings in water from the St Peter's area, and is one of the sites where our staff carry out Benthic Surveys, which are used to determine the health of a stream and hence its impact on raw water quality as a whole. Benthos means the community of invertebrates that live on or near the stream bed, and the type and number of certain species can tell us how clean the stream is.


Sous LEglise Stream Sous L'Eglise Stream

As the path joins the main road for the first time, you will see where the Sous L'Eglise stream arrives into the reservoir. This streams drains land from as far away as the Airport, and travels under the road before entering the reservoir. The path quickly rejoins the reservoir area after this point.


Old Farmhouse Ruins Old Farmhouse Ruins

As you re-enter the reservoir footpath from the main road, you will soon see on the right the ruins of one of the old farmhouses that had to be abandoned when the valley was originally flooded. The old fireplace can still be seen inside.


Commemorative Stones Commemorative Stones

Here you will find two commemorative stones - one marking the opening of the Millennium Walk in 2002 by His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Foley, and the other celebrating the 10th anniversary of the twinning of St Saviours and Montebourg in 2004.


East Arm View East Arm View

You re-enter the main road for the last stretch of the walk, and as you make your way around the bottom of the east arm you have a good view back across the reservoir towards the dam wall. There is not enough room here for the walk to continue along a path next to the reservoir without affecting the undisturbed refuge for wildlife.





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