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News Centre > Monday 22 March 2021

Guernsey Water encourages Islanders to 'Get Lavvy Savvy' this Spring

Lavvy Savvy

Guernsey Water is asking everyone locally to play their part in spotting and preventing leaks in their toilet cisterns through a new campaign.

For the first time, Guernsey Water would like domestic and commercial customers to participate in the UK initiative, 'Get Lavvy Savvy', to find, prevent and fix leaks in their toilets and in doing so, help to reduce water consumption.

Leaky loo check

The campaign is based on research conducted in the UK last year* that shows three quarters of British adults try to save water whenever they can and half of those would like to improve their household efficiency. The survey also indicated, however, that four in ten adults are unaware how to improve the water efficiency in their home.

Margaret McGuiness, Water Quality Risk Manager, said there is a serious message behind the amusing name of the campaign.

"Water is a precious resource, although Islanders may not particularly recognise that given the amount of rain we have seen over the past couple of Winters! Through Get Lavvy Savvy, we simply want to illustrate how checking your loo for leaks through a few simple steps can reduce water consumption, save money and also help the environment.'

Run by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, Get Lavvy Savvy is designed to raise awareness through a series of informative videos on its website, which show to identify issues and conduct simple maintenance. Basic checks include looking at the back of a toilet for leaks, in the cistern and also the inlet and outlet valves.

Mrs McGuiness added: "Our customer service teams are often sharing tips and advice with customers who may call us to query a higher than normal bill. None of us likes spending cash if we can avoid it so taking the right steps means we are not literally flushing money down the toilet."

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