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Distribution Technician

Closing date: 23/06/2021

The post of Distribution Technician exists to ensure that the Business delivers a high standard of service to its customers through the delivery of excellent water services.

The Distribution Technician works as a member of the Operations Water Distribution team tasked with maintaining, renewing and expanding the existing raw and treated water distribution systems and associated works. This involves undertaking works as required outside in all weather conditions.

The post holder will report to the Distribution Manager, and will work closely with the Asset Management Team, Water Quality Scientists and Customer Services. The Distribution Technician will also be required to liaise with consultants, contractors and members of the public, providing supervision and ensuring site safety as necessary.

The post-holder will be required to undertake training both locally and in the UK in order to achieve certified competence in Utility Services, including the use of high performance polyethylene pipes and fusion welded jointing techniques, etc.

  • Responsibilities

    • At Level 1
    • Work in conjunction with the fitting teams, all activities relating to the maintenance and renewal of the raw and treated water distribution networks and associated apparatus. This includes laying, repairing, tapping and maintaining water pipes and associated fittings in all sizes from 15mm diameter upwards to 600mm. 
    • Locate underground services prior to excavation, using cable locating devices and manual interpretation of utility service records.
    • Ensure Guernsey Water and other statutory Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, etc., are closely adhered to, ensuring risk assessments and method statements are completed and recorded, appropriate PPE is worn and that all work in undertaken in a safe manner and with due regard to the health, safety and welfare of others.
    • Undertake routine checks on compressors, pumps, vehicles, jack hammers and other equipment required to be used in the course of carrying out the duties of the post.
    • Excavate, backfill and temporarily reinstate trenches for pipelaying operations, by hand, or with the aid of suitable mechanical plant and equipment.
    • Protect water quality in the distribution system including ensuring compliance with Guernsey Water's hygiene and sterilisation guidelines.

    • At Level 2 (in addition to Level 1)
    • Supervise and assist in the execution of emergency works.
    • Supervise and assist in the routine repairs and renewals to mains, services and ancillary fittings.
    • Manage and assist the Distribution Contractor in carrying out new installations, renewal, diversion and improvements.
    •  Be the first point of on-site liaison with customers, escalating to the Customer Liaison Team where appropriate.
    • Source and control of materials, supplies and equipment required to execute pipeworks - supported by the stores team.
    • Comply with health and safety and other statutory authority legislation, codes of practices and guidelines, etc, including ensuring roadworks under your supervision are appropriately signed and protected at all times.
    • Implement, monitor and report compliance with procedures and standards for protection of public safety and access during works under your supervision.
    • Implement, monitor and report compliance with Highways standards for excavation and reinstatement of road surfaces.
    • Measurement, assessment and collation of accurate data on new and existing pipework whilst works are in progress in order to certify payment to contractors.
    • Identify and operate the appropriate valves to isolate mains on the distribution system in order for works to be carried out.
    • Identify and operate boundary valves to make hydraulic changes to the distribution system.
    • Set up rider mains to restore and maintain supply to customers in the event of an interruption to supply.
    • Use GIS to accurately reflect the status of our Distribution Network on our IT systems.
    • Set up and operate on-line chlorination equipment during emergency works.
    • To ensure that all works within their responsibility are executed in accordance with the correct engineering specifications and that quality control measures are appropriately exercised.

    • At Level 3 (in addition to Level 1 and 2)
    •  Monitor and administer the NEC3 Term Services Contract with Guernsey Water's Distribution Partner Contractor.  Assist the Distribution Manager in certifying accounts for payment appropriately for works performed on a programme of approximately £750k per annum.
    • Assist the Network Engineer in monitoring and targeting leakage detection and location on the distribution network and instigate necessary remedial works.
    •  Keep up to date with latest leakage management best practice.
    •  Assist the Network Engineer in monitoring and reporting upon network performance and for identifying priorities for renewal of water mains and service pipes.
    • Liaise with the Income team to investigate abnormal readings on large diameter meters, report on findings and effect repairs as required.
    • Rationalise and monitor the distribution network in conjunction with the Distribution Manager, Network Engineer and Asset Management Team in order to reduce excessive pressure, quantify and control consumption and minimise losses of water within the network.
    • Investigate and resolve customer complaints regarding all aspects of the Distribution Network in conjunction with the Water Production Team and Water Quality Scientists.
    • Use SCADA in order to monitor and react to changes in water pressure within the Distribution system.  Identify unusual trends and instigate investigatory works.
    • To manage small projects in their entirety, from conception through to implementation and successful handover to the end-user upon completion.
  • Key Criteria

    • 1. Extensive knowledge and experience of working with water distribution networks and components such as pipes, valves, hydrants and water meters
    • 2. Extensive understanding of Distribution Zone planning and operation.
    • 3. Educated to BTEC/City & Guilds level in a relevant technical discipline or willing to train to this level under Guernsey Water's "Licence to Operate" framework.
    • 4. Understanding of the NEC3 Term Services Contract.
    • 5. Ability to produce management reports.
    • 6. Proactive and hands-on approach to projects.
    • 7. Customer-focused with the ability to communicate to members of the public and staff of all levels and backgrounds.
    • 8. IT literate and fully conversant with Microsoft Office applications.
    • 9. Upon completion of an agreed framework of training, the post-holder will also be expected to participate in a formal standby roster providing an emergency response service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • 10. Willing to attend training courses both locally and in the UK travel-depending.


  • Key Competencies

    • Leadership
      • Develop understanding of how own and team's work supports the organisation's priorities and providing services to the community.
      • Understand and apply technology to achieve efficient and effective results.
      • Speak with the relevant people in order to obtain the most accurate information and get advice when unsure of how to proceed.
      • Monitor that all data and information storage adheres to the organisation's data protection and confidentiality policies.       
    • Teamwork
      • Display enthusiasm around goals and activities - adopting a positive approach when interacting with others.
      • Readily identify opportunities to share knowledge, information and learning and make progress by working with colleagues.
      • Take ownership of team and individual development by identifying capability needs and consistently achieving development objectives.
      • Encourage and be open to developmental feedback from others.       
    • Acountability 
      •  Recognise when deliverables and / or services derived from a commercial arrangement are not being delivered to the required level of quality or standard and take appropriate action.
      • Ensure that recognised control procedures and practices are maintained
      • Ensure that customer expectations are managed and that the information provided to them about what can be done is accurate and relevant.
      • Check own and team performance against outcomes, make improvement suggestions or take corrective action when problems are identified.
  • Contact

    • Dave Youlton, Water Distribution Manager, Tel: 07781 109498, Email

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