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News Centre > Tuesday 02 June 2020

Guernsey Water's reminder to clear streams and douits

Streams clearance reminder

Guernsey Water is reminding Islanders to ensure they clear douits, streams and any other watercourses on their land of weed and silt by 15 June 2020.

States law requires streams to be maintained each year and obstructions plus any vegetation removed ahead of inspections conducted by the Central Streams Committee across the Island's parishes. This essential maintenance is undertaken to minimise any risk of flooding and ensure an unrestricted flow of water into the Island's catchments.

Stephen Langlois, General Manager of Guernsey Water, said: "We have seen warm and wet weather over the past two months which means vegetation and other debris can build up in waterways together with an accumulation of silt in stream beds. There could potentially be serious flooding if we experience a heavy downpour and rainwater is unable to drain away."

The States Trading Supervisory Board, in its capacity as the Central Streams Committee, issues the notification to landowners to clear streams and tributaries which discharge into 13 bays, including Le Grand Havre, Vazon, Petit Bot and Belle Greve. The Committee carries out inspections Island-wide after 15 June deadline.

Mr Langlois added, "We work in partnership with the Parishes who are responsible for ensuring the waterways are properly maintained. Landowners should consult with the douzaine in their own parish so ensure we keep water flowing and reduce any risk of flooding, which could cause road closures."

For advice on the law and responsibilities, landowners are advised contact their Parish or the Streams Inspector at Guernsey Water. For guidance on cleaning streams and douits, see here

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