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News Centre > Monday 07 October 2019

Planning ahead and regular maintenance ensures a sufficient and resilient service from Guernsey Water.

Sufficient and Resilient

Guernsey Water's 2018 annual report highlights the planning and maintenance work that helps keep its services sufficient and resilient.

The utilities latest annual report highlights the creation of a Water Resources and Drought Management Plan (WRDMP), a summary of which was released in early 2019. According to the plan the island should expect a fine balance between forecast supply and demand up to 2040. The plan also provides Guernsey with a level of protection in line with that provided by water companies in England and Wales.

Steve Langlois, Guernsey Water's General Manager, said: "We believe that planning ahead is the best way to ensure Guernsey Water stays sufficient and resilient into the future. Being prepared and knowing exactly where our water resource levels should be during each part of the year means that we can reduce the risk of water use restrictions for our customers."

The report also makes reference to the planning of a refurbishment project for St Saviour's water treatment works, a project that will bring further efficiency and resilience to the utilities operations.

But consistently good service is not all down to the big projects, said Mr Langlois.

"It's not just the big projects that keep everything running and improving, a huge amount of work is undertaken by our people every day in order to ensure we are able to continue to provide the island with the best service we can. Much of this work often goes unseen, but is vital for the prosperity of our island."

The utility advised that during 2018 30,300 metres of the public sewer were cleaned as part of an ongoing programme, without which the efforts and investment in larger projects like sewer lining, aimed at improving the island's wastewater network would be far less effective.

2.4km of water mains were also rehabilitated, reducing the risk of leakage and bursts that can interrupt the supply of water to customers.

Guernsey Water's full annual report can be viewed here

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