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News Centre > Monday 07 October 2019

People power improves staff and customer satisfaction at Guernsey Water

Proud Performing People

Both staff and customer satisfaction have increased at Guernsey Water.

The utility's 2018 annual report shows that customer satisfaction increased from 79.5 in 2017, to 81.4 in 2018. These scores are calculated each year following Guernsey Water's annual survey, and are scored out of a mark of 100. The survey is carried out by the Institute of Customer Service, and measured against the UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

Staff satisfaction also increased in 2018, with 70% of people saying they would recommend Guernsey Water as a great place to work, in comparison to 55% measured at the end of 2016.

Steve Langlois, Guernsey Water's General Manager said: "Our people are behind every turn of the tap and flush of the toilet. Our customers' satisfaction, as well as the ongoing provision of water and wastewater supplies to the island, relies entirely on their hard work. Through supporting our people, we provide them with the knowledge and drive to support our customers."

During 2018 Guernsey Water introduced a weekly pulse survey, in order to engage with their people on a regular ongoing basis, measure staff satisfaction and encourage honest sharing of feedback and ideas.

"In line with our values, we have now introduced an additional outcome to our existing business plan 'Proud Performing People'. This aims to bring a focus to staff's wellbeing and sense of purpose," said Mr Langlois.

"The training we are able to provide our staff, and what they achieve with this is something we are celebrating. The recent refurbishment of Juas Water Treatment Works is a fantastic example of this. The majority of the project was carried out by our own employees, a number of whom qualified, or are qualifying, in their trades through Guernsey Water apprenticeships, which is something that we are proud of."

Guernsey Water's third annual customer survey is due to start this October.

Guernsey Water's full annual report can be viewed here

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