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News Centre > Monday 07 October 2019

Savings made in 2018 despite cost pressures according to Guernsey Water's annual report

Annual Report 2018

Guernsey Water's annual report revealed a difficult operating environment as a result of cost increases in 2018. However, the utility were still able to ensure savings through internal changes and efficiencies.

The utility advised that its overall costs increased by around 3% in 2018, largely as a result of an increase in the cost of emptying cesspits which increased by 10% from the previous year. The cesspit emptying service is contracted to States Works, the cost level for the service had been broadly held for a number of years previously, which has helped Guernsey Water manage its costs. Guernsey Water and States Works continue to work closely to make the service more efficient in the long term best interests of islanders.  

Despite the increases, Guernsey Water announced in 2018 that it would be passing the savings it had made onto customers by freezing bills for 2019. The freeze was also paired with the rebalancing of water and wastewater charges on customer's bills.

Steve Langlois, Guernsey Water's General Manager said: "ensuring transparency and an accurate reflection of the costs of each service fits with our user pays ideals. Whilst we work hard to make efficiencies wherever we can, at times costs increase outside of our control, these costs are then inevitably reflected on our customer's bills."

"As a direct result of our charges rebalance, customers now have a clear idea on the breakdown of Guernsey Water's costs by looking at the details within their own bills."

Amongst other efficiencies the utility significantly reduced both its operational water usage and water loss due to leakage across its network, this meant that despite supplying more water to customers throughout the year, the utility was still able to reduce total water supplied by 0.4%. Although the majority of the savings were made in relation to the amount of capital work carried out internally by Guernsey Water's own teams.

Guernsey Water's full annual report can be viewed here

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