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News Centre > Monday 07 October 2019

Effective drainage is a community effort says Guernsey Water

Effective Drainage

The utility's latest annual report shows that significant investment has been made within the Island's wastewater network, but further work, including important efforts to raise public awareness, is still required.

Guernsey Water installed foul flooding protection measures at a number of properties during 2018 and rehabilitated 1.9km of sewer in order to reduce the risk of blockages and collapses. The utility also continued work on its St Sampson wastewater catchment improvement project. With the completion of phase two, the replacement and upsizing of 235m length of sewer in Vale Road, and the majority of phase three, the installation of 475m of upgraded gravity sewers in La Hure Mare and Summerfield road carried out.

Steve Langlois, Guernsey Water's General Manager said: "We have made great strides in our efforts towards rehabilitating and improving the Islands wastewater network in recent years. This side of Guernsey Water is often overlooked but the network itself is an essential part of the Island's infrastructure and is vital for public health. Collecting used water from over 26,000 customers and returning it safely to the environment, whether that be through direct connection to the main drain or via our cesspit emptying service is no small feat.

"New homes and businesses, climate change and the use of household wipes  is putting our network of sewers under increasing strain, so it is more important than ever to invest in the future of this infrastructure. But we can't tackle all of these challenges on our own, which is why we will be doing more to help Islanders understand the importance of our wastewater network, what keeps it flowing and what should and shouldn't be flushed or disposed of down the drain."

The annual report stated that in 2018, 77.3 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste, the majority made up of wipes, was removed by the screening process at Belle Greve Wastewater Centre, this process removes any non-biodegradable waste over 6mm in diameter.

The utility also advised that it is working towards a project to reduce the risk of sewer flooding in St Peter Port. The next stage of the project will assess different options for reducing sewer flooding as a result of storm events.

Guernsey Water's full annual report can be viewed here

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