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News Centre > Friday 03 August 2018

Guernsey Water response to Bulwer Avenue fire

Longue Hougue

Guernsey Water has taken Longue Hougue Reservoir out of supply as a temporary precaution following the fire at the adjacent metal recycling yard at Bulwer Avenue. 

The isolation of the reservoir means there is no risk to the island's drinking water. Supplies are continuing to be met from the other reservoirs and the King's Mills and St Saviour's treatment works. 

Longue Hougue is expected to return to normal service within 24 hours, once samples have been tested. 

A team from Guernsey Water was on site within minutes of the first fire reports this morning, to assess the situation and provide pollution prevention support to the firefighters from Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service. 

Some small debris has blown onto the reservoir but has been isolated. This is believed to be soot from the fire, which would not be expected to cause water contamination.  The debris is thought to rest on the surface and has been isolated using a floating boom. 

Water quality risk manager Margaret McGuinness said appropriate precautionary measures had been taken.

"With incidents such as this obviously the first priority is to protect life and then property.  From Guernsey Water's perspective, the next priority is protection of the water supply.  We work very closely with the emergency services, to provide support and advice, and we have pollution prevention plans in place which are regularly reviewed and tested. 

"We can reassure islanders that there is no impact on the drinking water." 

"We are fortunate that in this instance the Longue Hougue Reservoir appears to have escaped a serious pollution incident, in part due to the protection installed within the recycling yard.  Nevertheless, as a precaution we made a very early decision to take Longue Hougue offline, and we are now awaiting the results of some samples before bringing the supply back on.

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