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News Centre > Wednesday 18 July 2018

Guernsey's current water level remains healthy


With hosepipe bans in the UK being a hot topic in the media recently, we thought we would share with you our current capacity and some stats on Guernsey's water usage!

Water demand has steadily increased since mid-July and our Water Production team has been working hard to ensure our water treatment works have been able to meet these demands.

Demand in June peaked on the 25th when we supplied 15.5 million litres of water! Although impressive, this maximum was exceeded twice in June last year, so is not unusual. In fact, due to low demand during the first two weeks of June, in total we supplied less water during June 2018 than we did in June 2017.

Interestingly, this peak demand figure for June was not as high as the 16.9 million litres we supplied earlier this year on the 1st March, when the thaw after the cold snap at the end of February resulted in an increase in leakage across our water supply network.

Demand has continued to increase during the first two weeks of July and on Sunday 8th we did reach peak daily demand for 2018 so far, when we supplied 50,000 litres more than the 16.9 million litres we supplied on March 1st. However, this is still some way below the July record of 23.5 million litres, which was supplied on 28th July 2002. Hose pipe bans in Northern Ireland and in the Northwest of England are grabbing the headlines, but at the end of June our water resources were at a healthy 93.3% of our total available storage.

It is important to remember that although our water levels remain healthy, water is a precious resource and should therefore be used wisely, you can learn more about water saving on our dedicated pages here.

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